• What is Tribitor®?
    Tribitor® is a patent-pending technology that helps reduce food’s glycemic index, reducing and glucose and insulin spikes after high carbohydrate meals. It’s been also clinically confirmed that Tribitor® helps reduce the episodes of post-meal hypoglycemia manifested with the cravings for sugar-rich food.
  • What is glycemic index (GI)?
    Glycemic index (GI) describes the process of carbohydrate digestion and glucose absorption into the bloodstream. Carbohydrates with high GI break down quickly during digestion and release glucose rapidly, triggering glucose spikes.

    Carbohydrates with low GI break down more slowly and release glucose gradually into the blood- stream resulting in lower glucose and insulin spikes.
  • Why do we need to reduce food’s glycemic index?
    The results of scientific research indicate significantly lower risk of type 2 diabetes in persons who consume lower glycemic load diets, while diets with a high glycemic index and glycemic load increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, metabolic disorders and CVDs.

    Consumption of low GI foods may favor the prevention and control abdominal obesity and the associated metabolic diseases.

    High GL and GI diet were associated with significantly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, specifically for women.
  • What are post-meal glucose and insulin spikes?
    It’s a rapid release of glucose and then insulin after carbohydrate-rich meal. Your body produces insulin to regulate blood glucose level.

    This rapid insulin “reaction” often makes the glucose drop even below the level prior to sugar-rich food. And then the cycle repeats – your body senses low glucose level, hunger response is activated and again – the craving for sugar-rich food occurs.;autoplay=1;rel=0
  • Why should we reduce post-meal glucose and insulin spikes?
    Repetitive glucose and insulin spikes may lead to insulin resistance, pancreas exhaustion and metabolic disorders (so called metabolic syndrome).

    While the pancreas consistently overproduces insulin in response to elevated glucose level, fat cannot be released from fat tissue as a back-up energy source when glucose level drops. This leads to over-eating and a nearly unavoidable path to obesity.
  • How can Tribitor® support my fight with sugar?
    Tribitor® helps mitigate the negative impact of eating high GI and carbohydrate-rich foods (such as white bread, boiled potatoes, pasta, rice, cakes or other treats and cheat meals) – it helps reduce food’s glycemic index and post-meal glucose and insulin spikes. Clinical trials have shown that Tribitor® also helps fight sugar cravings.
  • Who is this product for?
    We don’t want to give up the tasty high-carbohydrate food. Tribitor® helps reduce the negative impact of eating carbohydrate-rich foods and enjoy the occasional treats without guilt. It’s for those who’d like or need support in controlling body weight and waist circumference, experience sugar cravings or evening consumption habits.
  • Can Tribitor® be used by diabetic patients?
    Diabetics shouldn’t be using Tribitor® without consulting the diabetic specialist. In case of diabetic patients carbohydrates’ digestion might already be managed with prescribed medications.
  • What’s the idea behind the standardized extracts of Tribitor®?
    It means that the content of active ingredients is controlled in given extracts’ amount – e.g. the content of the units of alfa-amylase inhibition in white bean extract, the content of 1-DNJ in white mulberry extract, the content of chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract.
  • Is Tribitor® suitable for vegan and vegetarians?
    Yes, there are no animal-derived ingredients in the formula.
  • How to use Tribitor®
    Empty one packet of Tribitor® into the glass of water, stir. Drink 15 minutes before a carbohydrate- rich meal. Do not exceed 2 packets daily.
  • I’m about to go for a dinner tonight – will Tribitor® work until the very end of the meal?
    The time of foods digestion is a varied matter – it depends on our individual abilities and the kind of the food. It’s difficult to unequivocally tell, how long the product remains active in specific case. It is more relevant to define the carbohydrate-rich dishes within the meal (these are usually either the main course and/or the dessert) and take Tribitor® 15 minutes before.
  • Is it always necessary to dissolve the content of Tribitor® packet in a glass of water?
    The packet’s content may be consumed directly, without being dissolved in water. You might expect more intense flavor then, with product’s action unchanged. What’s important is to take the full dose that’s packed into single packet.
  • Can I take Tribitor® before all my meals during the day?
    Recommended daily dose is up to 2 packets. On one hand it’s because of the maximum content of active compounds allowed by legal regulations, on the other – it results from the fact that in most cases not all the daily meals are carbohydrate-rich.

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Tribitor® comes in natural citrus flavor, packed in 30 packet box. It’s a 1-month supply, when used 1x day, before a carbohydrate-rich meal.